Here in West Michigan we have a variety of different species of fish to target. Coast To Coast Outfitters primarily targets Salmon and Steelhead, but we also provide a large variety of different species trips depending on the time of year.


King Salmon
While king salmon are known for being targeted out in Lake Michigan during the summer months. The fall months of September and October the king salmon migrate into our Michigan rivers to spawn offering world class salmon fishing. These fish congregate in large numbers as they travel up river towards the spawning ground. On there way up the river we target salmon by float fishing skien or casting thunder sticks. For those of you that are thrill seekers the king salmon will give you the adrenaline rush you have been looking for with their shear power! On the other hand if you are someone who likes the fall colors and enjoying yourself on a cool crisp morning a guided salmon or steelhead tour is the charter for you.

With king salmon migrating up Michigan rivers to spawn in the fall the Michigan Steelhead follow shortly after to capitalize on the spawning salmon releasing millions of eggs into the river. Even though steelhead don’t spawn until the spring they migrate into our local rivers to eat the salmon eggs floating down the rivers. Once the salmon have started to spawn we will target steelhead in the deep pockets right behind the spawning gravel float fishing beads to mimic the salmon eggs. While salmon fishing in the river can be short lived we target steelhead from November to April. You may be thinking it is super cold that time of year but it can offer some of the best steelhead fishing of the year! Along with the king salmon. Steelhead not only have shear power but they also have the ability to launch themselves upwards of 3 to 4 feet out of the water and peel 100 feet of line in seconds. Be sure to call in advance because these guided trips book fast!

Smallmouth Bass
The warm summer months offer great smallmouth bass fishing in Michigan rivers. If you are someone who loves to fish but hates dealing with the cold these are the fish to target.

Along with the steelhead. Walleyes travel up Michigans river systems to spawn. We offer guided walleye fishing the first 2 weeks of March before the season closes and then again the month of May after the season opens back up!

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